Remember my Journey

New Online Memorial Tribute

Each person interred at Forest Lawn can have their very own “Remember My Journey” page. This Tribute page can be accessed from the burial search page. Once you enter the deceased name, click on ‘View & Submit Memories’ or use ‘search’ on the Forest Lawn Omaha Mobile App.

The one-time set up fee for this page will be waived if the monument or memorial was purchased from Forest Lawn. Since Forest Lawn is a non-profit cemetery, any proceeds from the monument or memorial purchase will be used for Forest Lawn beautification and development. This memorial page will allow your family and friends to view the obituary, photos, videos, and share memories. It will also give the GPS location to the place of burial for easy access. Families can be assured that their loved one’s life will have a place to be memorialized. For generations to come, visitors will be able to learn about their ancestors with the easy access of the computer or by using the Forest Lawn Omaha Mobile App.

By contacting us, you or a family member can become the administrator of the person’s website and have access to approving remembrances, as well as adding or changing the page photos.

For more information please contact us at 402-451-1000.

*Remember My Journey memorial tributes are only available if the person is laid to rest within Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Why Purchase from Forest Lawn?


Forest Lawn has been a trusted cemetery since being established in 1885. We will be here for future generations to come.


The proceeds from every memorial sale goes directly to help maintain the beautification of our historical cemetery.


Our warranty guarantees any repairs or replacements, at no charge, on memorials purchased from Forest Lawn Cemetery.


Included with the purchase of your memorial is access to your own Remember My Journey page – a $350 value.

Forest Lawn Mobile App

Forest Lawn’s Mobile App is a free App that can be downloaded to any Apple or Android Smartphone.

Search: Once you have the app you can search for the location of any person laid to rest in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Map & GPS: You can then follow the GPS mapping directly to their place of burial.