Terry Lynn Cloyd

Apr 16, 1957 - Apr 26, 2021

Terry Lynn Cloyd

April 16, 1957 - April 26, 2021


Terry Lynn Cloyd passed away in Omaha, NE on April 25th, of 2021. He had just recently celebrated his 64th Birthday. Terry survived by his wife Cheri, youngest son Cody, only daughter Staci and spouse Mickey. As well as his oldest son Jeremy, wife Tiffany, and his only granddaughter Ainslee. He has also left behind many cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends. It would even be light heartedly said that he had two more grandchildren, how ever they are of the furry canine sort named Rudy and Lydia. The two were also fortunate enough to spend his birthday with him. Of course, what kind of birthday would it be if a grandpa isn't feeding grandkids treats, the humankind at that ha-ha. Dad had his carrot cake, and the two pups were eating oatmeal crème pies their grandpa was sharing lol. Even though we had all gotten older, had busy life's, he loved everyone dearly regardless of it all. He understood it was part of living life the best anyone can. You always find time to tell someone you love them, even if they can't hear you. But I think he believed we all knew that was the case. Terry knew many people and was well known himself. It would never fail that he'd be out running an errand and he'd be greeted by someone. More than not the older he got it was by strangers who'd know exactly who he was and had some story of the years that had passed by. Even though he was polite and may have recollected some of the stories, Dad usually had no clue who the person was a greater percent of the time. Whether he'd be saying it to one of us or to that person themselves as if it was clockwork, he would say his memory was shot and had gone to hell along time ago. It seems he traveled in all walks of life, so when you live a life such as he did it is to be expected. Majority of Terry's life he worked in the line of construction, always on the go from place to place. He would always meet new people and run into familiar faces repeatedly. Whether they would be friends, acquaintances, or mere strangers many would love him and enjoy his company. Even up to this day it would've been nothing for him to befriend someone or end up having a 20-minute conversation with them. Our Dad had even passed that trait to all three of his kids. Just like him anyone can virtually pick us out of a crowd, introduce themselves and tell us how they knew Terry Cloyd. Then of course manage to squeeze in there just how much we look like him. Of course, there is my all time favorites though, such as "I haven't seen you since you were yay high". Or "You were still in Diapers last time I saw you". Occasionally we will even get how they remember Jeremy but can't believe how big we've gotten. That's always the funniest to hear when Cody and I are in our later 20's. Even with that said I'm sure Cheri could point out similarities between all of us that were shared with Terry. Whether it is physical, personality, or mentality we have and always will share these with him. If you didn't know Terry, you would assume he was the ideal image for a rowdy old biker. You'd only be partially right; he was just a man dreaming of being on the open road again. Not to mention under his rough and tough exterior once you got to know him, he was a big Teddy Bear. Now everyone can believe he has gotten at least one wish granted. He's not sitting around in some recliner bored and wondering if he should just take a nap.... He is on a Harley somewhere cruising through beautiful scenery and no longer in any pain, or suffering, and just enjoying what he would wish for. There will be a Celebration of Life Service held at a later date.

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There are no events scheduled. To plant a beautiful memorial tree in memory of Terry Lynn Cloyd, please visit our Tribute Store

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