Grief and Healing Support

Grief Resources

AARP Grief & Loss: a collection of resources and an on-line support community.

National Funeral Directors Association: Frequently Asked Questions about grief.

WidowNet: an information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers. is a kind of “one stop” site, dedicated to help everyone deal with the often unknown terrain that comes along with all kinds of grief. Through education, information and other helpful resources we hope to make the challenging road of grief a little easier. This site has several videos for different kinds of grief, along with Holiday Grief, Grief in the Workplace, Helping Children Cope with Tragedy, Grief after a Murder, and so much more.

Grief Resources For Parents

National SIDS and Infant Death Program Support Center: provides research, education, and support for families dealing with SIDS.

Bereaved Parents USA: a nationwide organization designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families.

Healing Hearts for Bereaved Parents: offers understanding, suggestions for coping, support, friendship, and hope to all parents who are struggling with grief.

The Compassionate Friends: supports families who have experienced the death of a child.

SHARE Pregnancy & and Infant Loss Support: provides support to those mourning the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or newborn death.

Grief Resources For Children

National Alliance for Grieving Children: raises awareness about the needs of children and teens who are grieving a death and provides education resources for anyone who supports them.

How to Thank a Caregiver

Learn our 6 ‘thank you’ tips to show your gratitude to the caregiver in your life.

What to Say to Those Grieving

We know how challenging it can be to try to help someone who is grieving. Download this eBook for suggestions on how to reach out to those in need.

Grieving from a Distance

Helpful tips on how to cope with facing a personal loss when you were unable to attend the funeral and grieve in community.

Grief Support Emails

We’ve developed a free new service to provide grief support to our community via email. Sign up now for free.

Funeral Customs Around the World

Society is built from many different hands, and the purpose of this article is to highlight some of the rituals that separate different cultures and religions from the others.

Participating in a Digital Funeral

In navigating this strange new world, we all have had to adapt. In order to help you with this, we have listed a few ways you can actively participate in a digital funeral.

5 Tips on Coping with Loss

This email series shares an article with advice from experts on the best coping mechanisms you can use if you are experiencing a loss.

Inspirational Grief Messages

Sign up to receive inspirational text messages that hope to lift your spirits and share positivity during your time of loss.

Unique Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

Unique ideas for celebrating the life of a loved one that honor what was important to them as well as to you.

Child Loss Email Series

Sign up for this email series to help guide you through the difficult loss of a child and begin your unique healing journey.

Holidays Are Not Always Jolly

Holidays can be particularly hard if you’re facing a loss. This email series will talk you through helpful tips for dealing with the holidays

The First 6 Steps After Death

Grief can be overwhelming and it can become difficult to think through next steps after a death. This email series will talk you through initial steps to follow and guide you to the right resources.