Floral & Decoration Guidelines

Forest Lawn Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country and the largest in the Midwest with more than 349 acres. We are very focused on providing families dedication and ongoing support through their time of need in celebrating their loved ones. Because of the size of our cemetery, we work very hard with our team to ensure the beauty and preservation of the final resting place for so many loved ones.

Since 1885, we have been providing support and comfort for families in Omaha. We value each grave site and encourage families to bring decorations and flowers to celebrate and care for their loved ones. We have standards in place to maintain the cemetery, which includes removing flowers or decorations seven days after the holidays, in addition to our spring clean up, to maintain the cemetery. This is a rule of practice across our cemetery and we provide this information to families so they know how we care for the cemetery.
Floral and Decoration Regulations

    • All flowers must be in a permanent vase. Flowers stuck in the ground will be removed at the next mowing or trimming.
    • Planting of shrubbery, groundcover, trees, etc. must be done by cemetery staff.
    • Floral wreaths or decorations on metal stands, shepherd hooks, decorative flags on staffs, military medallions on staffs (inquire at office), statues or other similar items are not allowed.
    • Glass of any kind, beads, loose stones/pebbles, toys are not allowed.
    • Homemade benches, and/or markers are not allowed in the cemetery.

Memorial Day Decorations

    • Flowers and decorations may be placed on the graves starting at 5pm on the Friday before Memorial Day.
    • All flowers and decorations, including those in permanent vases, will be removed starting on the Monday after Memorial Day.
    • All flowers placed after the Memorial Day clean up must be in a permanent vase.

Holiday Decorations (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th).

    • Holiday decorations on the graves will be removed 7 days after the holiday.

Christmas/Winter Decorations

    • Christmas wreaths and/or other holiday decorations can be placed on the graves from December 15th to March 14th of the following year.
    • Spring cleanup: Decorations not in a permanent vase will be removed starting March 15th in preparation for the mowing season.

Burial or Interment Service Flowers

    • Flowers from a current burial service or inurnment may be left on the grave for up 5 days after the burial.


    • A permanent vase is defined as one that has been installed in the ground with the top opening, level with the ground or granite vases attached to monuments.
    • Forest Lawn reserves the right to remove any object from a burial space that is deemed to be unsafe or inappropriate, weathered and unsightly.
    • Forest Lawn assumes no liability or responsibility for acts of vandalism, theft or the destruction of vases, floral decorations or memorial items beyond our control.

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