Join us on an Arboretum Adventure!


Join us on an Arboretum Adventure!

 Thursday, May 23 2019 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Forest Lawn Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematory
7909 Mormon Bridge Road,
Omaha, Nebraska 68152

Join us on an Arboretum Adventure!
From Brownville to Alliance, we facilitate a network of more than 100 arboretums and public gardens across the state that demonstrate regionally appropriate plants, adaptability and sustainability. These gardens represent efforts of every size, many of them undertaken by volunteers that are cared for with pride and provide a bright spot in their community. Collective learning and the sharing of both successes and failures helps these gardens continue to grow, and give visitors beautiful places to enjoy.
Help us celebrate our 40th anniversary year by going on an Arboretum Adventure with a chance to win one of three family friendly prizes!

Become an Arboretum Explorer:
1. Print you’re Arboretum Adventure Guidebook and Map (will be available May 23rd!)
2. Register for a chance to win one of three prizes (prizes will be awarded by drawing, limit one prize per family)
3. Visit and enjoy the participating arboretums, use the clue in your guidebook to locate the Arboretum Adventure plaque and make a rubbing of it.
4. Share pictures of your adventure with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #arboretumadventure
Prizes include:
– How to Read Nature by Tristan Gooley
– Nebraska Off the Beaten Path by Diana Lambdin Meyer
– Small Adventures backpack with binoculars, compass, insect observation container, etc.

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