Niches & Burial Options

At Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we provide dignified yet affordable cremation services. Just like traditional burial funerals, cremation requires planning. Our expert staff can help you make all your arrangements. 

We offer all forms of disposition: burial, scattering, permanent possession, or mausoleums.  We provide both traditional and creative personalization options. 

Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park offers a variety of dignified Columbarium niches and mausoleums. We also have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry for permanent possession, so your loved one is always with you.

Schedule a tour today to see our various memorialization options and discover what is best for you and your needs.

Burial and aboveground entombment

A very common disposition choice for cremated remains is burial, also known as interment. In this way, family members can be placed to rest near one another even if another family member has not chosen cremation.

The gravesite provides a permanent location to visit on important occasions such as anniversaries and holidays. Burial can be in a cemetery plot, urn garden or private crypt.

For centuries, entombment has been offered as an alternative to traditional burial for people preferring aboveground burial. A columbarium niche is a similar choice for a person preferring cremation. The selected niche is identified with a nameplate listing dates of birth and death. The columbarium offers families a place to visit and remember on special holidays and other important times.