Cremation Memorial Services

Cremation followed by a memorial service

State laws typically dictate a waiting period before cremation can occur. During this time, very close family and friends often request a final viewing. This can be arranged through the funeral director.

Cremation memorial services have a gathering, which differs from a funeral only in that the body is not present. Clergy may be present to contribute support from the scriptures if requested.

Most often the cremated remains are present during the service in an urn. Urns come in many styles and reflect varied artistic forms. With so many to choose from, families can find something reflective of they’re lifestyle, faith or beliefs.

As with contemporary funerals, pictures, memorabilia, awards and personal effects are often displayed as part of the memorial service. The funeral director will coordinate the display of these items, as well as the choice of music, the seating of people, the parking of cars and any other aspects of the service. The funeral director is a valuable resource in planning and can offer suggestions that may otherwise be overlooked.