Rules & Regulations

Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park has rules and regulations to protect the grounds’ beauty. These rules are strictly enforced. We are proud of the good spirit of cooperation our owners show in observing these regulations.

All lots receive general care, including mowing the grass, trimming trees and shrubbery and filling in depressions on lots. In order to afford such care, the association sets apart in its Perpetual Care Fund a percentage of the receipts from the sale of lots and single graves.

Fresh Cut Flowers are permitted during growing season. Permanent flower holders or vases are to be the sort that when not in use, are aways flush with the ground. These are available for purchase in the Cemetery Office. No vase may stick up out of the ground. This will prevent theft or vandalism to your vase.

Potted Plants are only permitted on Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day. They will remain on the graves until the next mowing cycle. Plants will not be held in storage, nor will the cemetery be responsible.

Planting on Lots and Graves is permitted in some of the old sections with permission of the General Manager. Planting is prohibited in the garden sections to prevent injury to adjoining or impeding on lots and maintain the beauty of the grounds.

Artificial Decorations such as wreaths, flowers, sprays and blankets may be placed on the graves after December 15th and left until March 15th. If family does not remove items before March 15th, the cemetery staff will discard the property. Cemetery not responsible for damage during the winter or for decoration when trying to clear an area for for a winter burial.

Flags are permitted the week before and the week after Memorial Day but must be removed immediately afterwards.

Funeral Flowers at Grave typically remain for three days, depending on their condition due to weather.

Flower Vases should be turned down in the receptacles provided, no later than November 15th. Vases left upright can be damaged by the park’s equipment when covered by snow, or crack as a result of freezing water. We are not responsible for such damages.

Fence, coping or enclosure of any kind, shepherd’s staff or hooks, chairs, concrete or wooden benches, glass jars, iron or wooden crosses, trellises, metal designs and similar articles upon graves will be removed.  Toys, rocks and other decorations will not be allowed because these items can cause the marker to be damaged if equipment rolls over the decoration that remains on the marker.

Spring Cleanup all decorations on the grave will be removed March 15th in order to maintain the cemetery.